Welcome to the Eurofurence Registration System. Before you continue, please have a look at our Policies. By submitting your registration, having it accepted by us, and then initiating your payment, you enter a legally binding contract with Eurofurence e.V. that these terms and conditions become a part of.

How to register

Click on "New Registration" in the navigation bar on the left. You need to have cookies enabled in your browser. During the registation process you will need to enter your personal data and booking options. When you have submitted this information, you will receive an automatic confirmation email within a few minutes. It contains a URL that you must click on to verify your email address. Your application will then be manually screened by someone on the registration team. Within a couple of days after completing your registration, you should receive an email containing the payment details or a notification that you have been put on the waiting list if no more spaces are currently available.

All prices listed here are only provided for your convenient reference. In case of discrepancies to the rates listed in the actual registration or hotel reservation, we accept no liabilities for this information.

Important Issues

Please allow us to call your attention to these important issues:
  1. Pets are not allowed at EF (except registered guide dogs for the disabled)!
  2. Credit cards (Mastercard®, VISA®) are the preferred method of payment.

Packages and Pricing

During the registration process you will be able to combine a number of membership packages:

Entrance Fee (mandatory)

There are two separate entrance fees. The "Convention Ticket" entitles you to take part in the actual convention and its scheduled activities from Wednesday to Sunday and the possibility to book a hotel room at a discounted convention rate. To encourage people to register and pay in time, early bookers will get a rebate. It is possible to purchase only a convention ticket. The stage ticket is an addition to the convention ticket.
  • 90 € - Convention Ticket (discounted early bird rate before February 1st).
  • 100 € - Convention Ticket (regular rate after February 1st)
  • 125 € - Convention Ticket (after April 1st).
Stage Ticket

The "Stage Ticket" will give you access to the stage events from Thursday to Saturday - without stage ticket no access to the stage track.
  • 5 € - Stage Ticket
All convention fees (Convention Ticket + Stage Ticket) must be paid in full within 14 days after your booking is accepted.

Sponsor Upgrades (optional)

If you want to support Eurofurence with a voluntary donation, you can become a sponsor. As our way of saying "thank you", you will be rewarded with some benefits. There are two levels of sponsor memberships available, regular sponsor and super sponsor. Sponsors will be mentioned by name in the con book, get a differently colored name badge, and receive a complimentary souvenir gift package including a free t-shirt. Super sponsors will additionally be rewarded with some additional privileges, such as access to exclusive events.
  • 65 € - Sponsor Upgrade
  • 160 € - Super Sponsor Upgrade
The sponsor fees will be added to your grand total. While it is possible to upgrade at the door, we ask that you please book and pay the sponsor fees with your initial registration. This will help ensure that we will have sufficient supply of sponsor benefit items and avoid adding to the workload of registration during the convention.

Single Day Ticket (Limited Availability)

If you can only attend for a single day, you will be able to purchase a Single Day ticket, subject to availability. This option becomes available a short time before the convention, and while the convention does not exceed the maximum number of people allowed into the venue, we will also sell them on-site.
  • 60 € - Single Day
Hotel Rooms

Holders of a Convention Ticket can book a discounted space in a room category of their choice at the Estrel Berlin. Note that you book your hotel room directly with the hotel, Eurofurence is not involved in the transaction. We just list this information for your convenience and provide a small app that will you help compose the email for the initial booking.

Room categories and pricing

Please have a look at the hotel section of the Eurofurence homepage for a detailed description of the hotel in general and the different room categories.

All rooms at the Estrel are double rooms, but you have the option to occupy a room with just one person, or with three people. All prices are per room, not per person and for one night:
Room prices Single Room Double Room Double Room for 3*
Standard € 115 /night € 140 /night and room € 215 /night and room*
Deluxe Suite € 198 /night € 228 /night and room € 290 /night and room*

These rates include breakfast, the Berlin city tax, service and VAT.

* Supply of eligible rooms may be limited, depending on category.

All prices listed here are only provided for your convenient reference. In case of discrepancies to the rates listed in the actual hotel reservation, we accept no liabilities for this information. The rates on the Estrel booking confirmation are what counts in case of discrepancies.

Early Arrival and Late Departure (optional)

The con starts Wednesday and ends on Sunday. If you wish to extend your stay at the Estrel for a few days prior to and after the convention, you can. Simply specify the corresponding arrival and departure date when making your booking.

Payment Guidelines

You will receive full payment details as soon as your registration application has been manually screened. This may take a few days!
Convention fees are due within 14 days after we have accepted your application. That means, after you've received your payment details, you've got two weeks to pay us. If we don't hear anything from you by then, your registration will first be put on hold, and finally cancelled!

We are offering the following payment methods:

Credit Card Payment (VISA®, Mastercard® only)
This is our preferred payment method for all attendees.
VISA logo Mastercard logo We accept credit card payments made using VISA® or Mastercard®.

Please log in and choose "How to Pay" from the navigation bar (in the green strip to the left of the page, at the top)

Wire Transfer
Use this payment method if you do not have access to a credit card. Most banks offer money transfer via SWIFT or SEPA as part of their online banking facilities. The sender must pay all bank fees and the full amount must reach us without deductions.

If none of these options seem suitable to you please write to our accounting department, and we'll see what we can do for you.